Evolution Cowal Commission


WW Signs and Kheely Turner – Commission for Evolution Lake Cowal


I have been lucky enough to get the chance to transform an amazing painting by local Wiradjuri artist Kheely Turner into a design for a mine truck body at Evolution Lake Cowal. This is one of the biggest projects my little shop has produced and I am happy to be able to finally share the results!!

For those that are interested, ill go through the process of how I produced the work. First I created a photo mosaic of Kheely’s artwork so I could enlarge it to over 70 times its original size. Once I had the painting digitized, and I had measured up the tub, I made up a scaled CAD drawing to lay out the elements of the design. When I was happy with the final design, I began the slow process of printing the panels onto a high adhesion vinyl, which was then laminated to protect the ink, and computer cut to size.

After a few false starts due to weather, I headed out to the Mine on a beautiful clear day and with a panoramic view of the very full Lake Cowal, and I fitted the decals to the tub.



Kheely Turner. Artist Statement.

The heart of Cowal Gold Mine is the Lake itself, nestled between the hills of Manna Mt, Mt Wamboyne and Billy’s Lookout. from the flow of Lake Cowal and Nerang Cowal all things build, grow and replenish. Lake Cowal was historically a meeting place of traditional land custodians who gathered to trade. Nowadays it is a meeting place of Cowal Gold miners and workers. The blend of these two cultures is represented through the trails and tracks of the painting.

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